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Defense Services

Global Consulting Services

Mobile Tex provides expert consulting and support services for and on the behalf of its clients. Mobile Tex has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to grow and support domestic and international economic business development and opportunities.

Ground Defense

Mobile Tex is experienced in providing defense support and consulting opportunities to the United States Government, other government agencies, U.S Defense organizations, Private Companies, and foreign military support and international defense organizations.


Mobile Tex provides complete and total solutions through over fifteen years of proven leadership, efficient operational and management support, and through an extensive strategic global network. Mobile Tex’s personnel are qualified and dedicated team members that undergo an extensive background check in order to satisfy the necessary security requirements and standards of our organization and that of our clients.

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Mobile Tex leadership and personnel carry a vast collective past performance that includes but not limited to maintenance, logistics, transportation, repair, reset, battle damage assessment and repair (BDAR), and configuration management/upgrade modifications to various vehicle types.

Mobile Tex is experienced in providing MRO operations on multiple continents and many countries around the globe. With operations in the USA, the Mobile Tex team has deployed, advised, and supervised many successful MRO operations worldwide.

Combat Logistics & Support

Mobile Tex culminates over 19 years of extensive worldwide experience working with domestic and international clients in various countries. The Mobile Tex team has provided support to both private sector and military/government in several critical areas of support such as personnel, equipment, and training in order to fullfill the needs required by our customers for maintenance, repair, overhaul, logistics, and transportation.


Mobile Tex has a direct relationship with the OEM here in the U.S. This relationship gives Mobile Tex extensive support capabilities for OEM parts, maintenance, and repair. The Mobile Tex team has many years maintaining these vehicles in the harshest environments on the planet.


Mobile Tex personnel have the knowledge and expertise to support and maintain personnel carriers in addition to various tracked and wheeled vehicles.


Mobile Tex is capable of providing personnel solutions through proven leadership and dedicated experienced team members. Coupled with an extensive international network and expert management and operations support guarantees that our clients get the best personnel to complete any task.

Mobile Tex focuses on providing an all encompassing training package designed for total support for our customers. Through our training customers can be assured that every aspect of training for support and operations are provided ensuring the best success and support possible.

Facility Management is a critical component for any operation. Mobile Tex has many years of experience in building, setting up, and managing facilities domestically and internationally in some of the most austere environments on the planet.


Our team is capable of supporting the parts needed to ensure operational readiness for fleets of vehicles.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Our experienced team is capable of providing top level support in quality assurance to ensure all repairs and maintenance meet the highest standards.

Combat Logistics l Track & Wheeled Vehicles

Mobile Tex is able to provide standard maintenance and repairs up to select depot level repairs and modifications as well as certified ballistic repair through advanced troubleshooting.

Combat Vehicle Sector:

Tracked Vehicles
  • M1A1 Abrams
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicles A2
  • M113/M577
  • M88
  • Multi-platform miscellaneous support
Wheeled Vehicles
  • Oshkosh Platforms (Hemmit, PLS, CBT, M-ATV)
  • MRAP Platforms (RG33 FOV, FMTV, LMTV, Caiman, RG31 FOV, Cougar, JEERV, MAXPRO FOV)
  • HMMWV FOV (M998, M1114, M1151)
  • Multi-platform miscellaneous support
  • RG33 FOV ISS Independent Suspension System upgrade
  • Up Armor M113/Bradley/Oshkosh MATV
  • M1114 (Frag 5-7)
  • M1151 (Frag 5-7)
Tracked Vehicles Reset
  • M1A1 Abrams
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • M113/M577
  • M109
  • M88
  • 10/20 Reset
  • Block upgrades
  • Leave Behind Equipment (LBE) maintenance
Wheeled Vehicles Reset
  • M998 HMMWV
  • Hemmit Wrecker, CBT, Hemmit Fueler, PLS
  • RG33 FOV SOCOM ISS Upgrade, 324 vehicles upgraded

MRAP Training & Fielding:


RG33 Family of Vehicles (FOV), Cougar, MAXXPRO, RG31 FOV, MATV FOV

  • Technical Inspections to ensure the vehicles are to the operating standards (10/20) no deadline items listed
  • Issuing the equipment to the units or military organization (logistically tracked and signed for)
  • OPNET- Operators New Equipment Training (per platform)
  • FLMNET- Field Level Maintenance New Equipment Training (per platform)
  • Master Trainer Training - Will allow their military to assign Master Trainers to train additional soldiers
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