Who we are and why we are different!

Our Story

Mobile Tex Speedy Repair was founded on over 15 years of experience in vehicle repair and maintenance. We also possess a strong desire of returning to our community the friendliness and convenience of a full-service business which was once so impactful to our towns.

Mobile Tex Speedy Repair is constantly striving for superiority!

To provide responsive technical expertise that tailors to the budget of our customer.

At Mobile Tex Speedy Repair, we believe in providing our customers and community with a service experience that reminds them of a time when things were simpler. We come to you because your time matters.

When you call Mobile Tex and experience the difference, you’ll never want to call anyone else.

Our Team

When you call our team of Technical Specialists and they arrive at your desired location, you can expect:

  • A timely service that effectively addresses your issue
  • A clean and well-maintained vehicle
  • Trained, licensed, uniformed, and friendly professionals
  • Free Full-service Station perks; (free fluid fills: washer fluid, power steering, brake, coolant) and more!
Mobile Tex Speedy Repair - Petey's Automotive Services & Roadside Assistance in Gatesville, Texas

Mobile Tex Defense Services

Mobile Tex provides consulting and support services for and on behalf of the clients we serve. Mobile Tex will work with and assist domestic and international economic business development policy issues and opportunities specifically related to key economic sectors. Mobile Tex brings over 19 years of experience working with clients around the globe. Our team of professionals has provided logistics and support for both military and private sector support in many areas involving personnel, equipment, and training, in coordination with many facets of maintenance, logistics, repair, and overhaul. Our experience ranges from common maintenance through certain depot-type repairs and modifications and certified ballistic repair through advanced troubleshooting.

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